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Councils and Associations

Parish Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body which consists of ex-officio, elected and appointed members. Together with the parish priest, the members help to ensure that the pastoral needs of the Parish are well served.

Chairperson: Mike Meady
Secretary: Lorelle Stein

Finance Council

The Finance Council advises and assists the parish priest in the financial administration of the Parish and the maintenance of Church structures. It also discusses the feasibility of capital projects and assists with fundraising initiatives.

Chairperson: Mike Meady
Secretary: Bernadette Bystrican

Finance Council

The Building and Renovation Committee

Renovation Committee

This committee assists the parish priest in the coordination of building and renovation projects.

Mike Meady

Corey Humenaj
Ron Wychopen
Bernadette Bystrican


The parish choir is the oxygen of the Sacred Liturgy. They help Christ’s Faithful to praise and worship God in Christ. They usually gather on Wednesdays to practice.

Choir Director:
Organist: Marie Walsh


Knights of Columbus

Mike Meady

The Knights support the Church both in spiritual and temporal matters. They reach out to the poor and the needy according to their ability.

Grand Knight: Mike Meady

Catholic Women's League

Members of this pious association are women of St. Peter’s. The members care for the poor and the needy. They decorate the church during important occasions. They conduct fundraising events to support the parish.

President: Karen Nigro

Catholic Women's League
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